Barronarts stocks and uses only the finest COTTON DUCK CANVAS and PURE BELGIAN LINEN made anywhere. We purchase only First Quality goods, unlike other sources who often sell mill seconds. If you have ever painted on bumpy material filled with runs and imperfections, you know the importance of quality fabric. Available in various widths and thicknesses, our canvas and linen can be purchased in lengths from 1-100 yards at very competitive prices.

Rolls of Canvas and Linen
#12 Duck Canvas
Our #12 Canvas is the industry standard 11.45 oz. per yard, with no major blemishes anywhere, tightly woven and the overwhelming choice by artists worldwide.

#10 Canvas is heavier at 15 oz. per yard and toothier, offering a thicker and meatier surface on which to apply your pigment of choice.

#10 Duck Canvas
Our Extra Smooth PORTRAIT LINEN is exceptionally smooth, utilizing ultra-thin threads and an extra tight weaving process that produces a beautiful natural surface.

Medium Smooth Linen provides a bit more tooth, with a slightly thicker thread and weave process. This linen is extremely affordable and has the feel of canvas, but with the gorgeous color of pure Linen.

Medium Linen
Coarse Linen
Our Coarse Linen uses thick threads which result in a toothy and highly textured surface that is perfect for thick and expressive paint application.

All of our Pre-Primed Canvases are machine-primed with Pure Titanium Dioxide gesso and lightly sanded to a beautiful smooth finish. These are ready to paint, or you can apply additional coats for even greater surface smoothness.

#12 Primed Canvas

In addition, we stretch and prime all of the material that we sell onto our stretchers and panels, offering our customers as many options as possible.

Let us provide superior stretching and priming at prices that will convince you to give it up forever!