Barronarts stocks and uses only the finest COTTON DUCK CANVAS and PURE BELGIAN LINEN made anywhere. We purchase only First Quality goods, unlike other sources who often sell mill seconds. If you have ever painted on bumpy material filled with runs and imperfections, you know the importance of quality fabric.
Available in various widths and thicknesses, our canvas and linen can be purchased in lengths from 1-100 yards at very competitive prices.

Click here for photos of our canvas and linen and our per yard price calculator.

In addition, we stretch and prime all of the material that we sell onto our stretchers and panels, offering our customers as many options as possible.


Let us provide superior stretching and priming at prices that will convince you to give it up forever! Click here for our stretching and priming price calculator.

Using the canvas or linen of your choice, we will expertly stretch and, if you desire, prime with either our STANDARD PRIME or our premium PANEL PRIME.

STANDARD PRIME involves a basic double coat of Professional quality Titanium Dioxide Acrylic Gesso, lightly sanded between coats. It is best when a slight texture is desired and when cost is a consideration. Multiple coats can be applied as desired.

Our premium PANEL PRIME is exclusive to barronarts. A custom mixture of acrylic-based materials creates a highly sandable and ultra-smooth surface. Best results are obtained on panel, but when used on a canvas surface, superior smoothness is also obtained compared to standard gesso. Up to 8 coats are applied, each sanded, and the entire surface is finish-sanded to a beautiful white smoothness. It costs more, but many of our clients agree that it is well worth it!