Barronart's custom-made PREMIUM PANELS utilize CLEAR BASSWOOD FRAMES, surfaced with our exclusive Furniture-grade Birch ply, Sintra (PVC sheet...lighter and more stable than Birch) or Gatorboard (Super light and best for those who want to paint on a canvas surface but with a rigid support behind.) Standard panels come in 1-1/2"D, with any other depth available per your specific aesthetic or structural needs. These panels can also be built as CIRCLES (Tondos), SHAPES of all kinds (Triangle, Quadrangles, Trapezoids, Altar-piece shape or any other shape required) and we can fully stretch canvas or linen on everything.
Keyhole Mount
Every panel includes full corner braces. Galvanized rust-proof air nails and waterproof resin adhesive are used throughout our construction.

Fully lap-jointed BASSWOOD CROSSBARS add dimensional stability throughout every panel. These panels are stong, light and very affordable.

Our exclusive PANEL PRIME, is available at additional cost. Each panel is sealed with an alcohol-based shellac, over which our custom mixture of acrylic-based materials creates a highly sandable and ultra-smooth surface. Between four to six coats are applied, each sanded, and the entire surface is finish-sanded to a beautiful white smoothness.