The Panel is an increasingly popular and historically significant painting structure. Among its attributes, the panel provides:


• A surface for any medium.

• A rigid painting surface which accommodates scraping, pushing, scratching and the attachment of objects or relief materials.

• An easily shaped structure, capable of being built to virtually any shape. (see also CUSTOM WORK)

• A surface to which objects or relief elements can be easily and permanently attached.

• A ready-to-paint surface, or one over which canvas or linen can be easily stretched and prepared.


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Our custom PREMIUM PANELS are the finest art panels made today and are available in multiple sizes, shapes, depths and surfaces.


We construct ready-made PENNYPANELS in various sizes. These are simply the best value in pre- made panels anywhere.


We provide EXPERT FINISHING of our panels using various techniques, including standard acrylic priming, our custom PANELPRIME ultrasmooth priming, and stretched canvas or linen of your choice.

Our premium PANEL PRIME is exclusive to barronarts. A custom mixture of acrylic-based materials creates a highly sandable and ultra-smooth surface. Between four to six coats are applied, each sanded, and the entire surface is finish-sanded to a beautiful white smoothness.