PRO BAR stretchers are our finest, strongest frame bars. These feature 2-piece ALL BASSWOOD CONSTRUCTION, beveled canvas edge, solid corner bracing and all-basswood cross bracing.

These frames will remain strong and stable at any size and are the choice of the most discriminating painters working today.

PRO-BAR 1-1/2”
Keyhole Mount
As your work becomes larger, a deeper profile can offer a more substantial presence, and a stronger bar.

These 1-3/4” PRO-BARS are the most popular size of our PROBAR line.

PRO-BAR 1-3/4”

Barronarts can build a custom PRO-BAR to virtually any depth greater than 2” with minimal additional cost.

Please contact us for details and pricing.


Keyhole Mount
A-BAR stretchers are our BEST SELLING frame bars. Recently redesigned in ALL CLEAR BASSWOOD construction, with a depth of 1 3/4", these bars are the perfect choice for artists of any
level from student to professional. We truly believe that you cannot purchase a better stretcher frame at this price ANYWHERE!

A-BAR 1-3/4”

B-BAR stretchers are lighter duty bars with a depth of 1" and are terrific for smaller works up to 30"-40” in size in any direction. Supported by the same crossbars and corners as our heavier-duty "A"and PRO bars, these provide the perfect structure for smaller works or works needing a thinner profile.

B-BAR 1”

PRO-BAR stretchers can be built with custom-designed connecting plates, allowing the finished painting to be folded in half.
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